Latina Creatives You Need in Your Instagram Feed

Want to brighten up your Instagram feed and support Latina artists at the same time? I’ve curated a list of three Latina artists that you need to follow today!

Art by Anna Alvarado

Chances are you have seen Anna Alvarado’s art drift through your Instagram feed, because she is a mainstay in the Latina community depicting women and girls in her art. She is an advocate of Latinas; her messages are bold and she focuses on bringing out the beauty found in every Latina. Although her preferred medium is wood, she has everything from prints and greeting cards to magnets.

Anna Alvarado depicts Latina women in strong and powerful ways. Photo credit: Anna Alvarado.

Lilibun Designs

Cute, full of whimsy and color, Lily Lopez has made a name for herself with her textile pieces. Her page is exactly what you need to see each morning over coffee – there is no way you can be grumpy while looking at her cute designs. She uses felt to make everything from conchas to cactuses and sugar skulls. Need a garland for a party or want to decorate a child’s space? Lilibun Designs is your go-to girl.

Lilibun Designs uses colorful textiles to bring her art to life. Photo credit: Lilibun Designs.

The Happy Skull Studio

A sugar skull with kawaii eyes?? The first time I saw Ruth Barrera’s art, I fell in love with her style. Barrera is the owner of The Happy Skull studio and puts her touch on many classic Latinx symbols from the sacred heart and the Virgencita to tacos and cactus. She uses bright colors and big eyes in all of her designs, and they couldn’t be any cuter.

The Happy Skull Studio uses bright colors and big eyes as her signature style. Photo credit: The Happy Skull Studio.

Cover Photo: lilibun Designs

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