Influencer Behavior: How to Successfully Pitch for a Hosted Stay at a Luxury Hotel

Do you want to take your Instagram to the next level and have a steady stream of content for your feed? Aligning your brand with hotels or other properties and building a relationship with them is a great way to do just that. We sat down with a marketing executive from a luxury hotel in Houston to understand what they are looking for when they host influencers. We also have a list of the top three things you should and should not do when requesting a hosted stay, according to the same marketing expert.

What is the number one thing you look for when an influencer pitches you?

We look for influencers whose content is creative, aligns with our brand values and whose channels get great engagement.

How much does follower count really matter?

While follower count is important, we understand every influencer has a starting point, and in many cases do enjoy establishing relationships with influencers who are just starting to grow their pages. Our focus is primarily centered on quality of content. 

What is an automatic turnoff when an influencer pitches you?

One of our biggest frustrations is influencers who send mass e-mails to different departments inside the hotel. Our Housekeeping and Sales departments unfortunately won’t be able to approve the request, so there’s no need to send mass spam e-mails to a property.

The best way to get your email read by the right person is to compose one well written (proper grammar is a plus!) e-mail outlining your request and deliverables and send directly to the Marketing or Public Relations department.

Requesting a hosted stay from a hotel can be daunting, but putting together a carefully crafted email is key to building a good relationship.

What is the most outrageous influencer behavior you’ve had to deal with?

We’ve had an instance where an influencer didn’t touch base at check-in or communicate for multiple days and generated no content during the hosted stay, as was in our agreement (although they posted other non-hotel related content while in town).  We were finally able to make contact through DM to address the issue, but it didn’t inspire confidence in maintaining the relationship.

Stay open minded when it comes to working with hotels and remember you are an extension of their brand.

Top Three List of Things TO DO when pitching a luxury hotel as an influencer.

  • Send over a list of properties you’ve worked with previously (examples of content are even better!).
  • Be open-minded when it comes to the deliverables required by the property for a hosted stay.
  • Give the correct stats (not clearly outrageous numbers or embellished follower count that can be easily verified by the property).

Top Three List of Things NOT TO DO when pitching a luxury hotel as an influencer.

  • Don’t demand free items and services, especially disguised as “jokes”.  Many properties are looking to establish relationships, and this is not the way to cultivate one. 
  • While onsite, remember you’re an extension of the brand. Don’t use foul language, or harass the staff with over the top requests. Have fun, but be professional.
  • Be respectful of your host. If you’re allowed a plus one, don’t abuse the privilege by inviting all of your closest friends to an impromptu hotel party.

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