The Ultimate Taco Tour of Houston

You want to go on a Taco Tour and sample the best Houston has to offer, but you’re not sure exactly how to go about it. Don’t worry, not only do I have a great Taco Tour lineup, I also have tips and tricks on how to use your car as your ultimate taco touring partner.

Breakfast – maS Tacos

For me, breakfast tacos are the ultimate test for a taco place. The bacon to egg ratio has to be just right (no one likes a taco that is skimpy on the bacon), the tortillas must be fresh, and the salsa house-made. maS taco, located in Houston’s Energy Corridor, meets all those requirements and more with their small, but mighty menu.

Besides the usual bacon, chorizo, potato, etc., maS taco has three specialty tacos available for breakfast: Chile Rubbed Pulled Pork, Hickory Smoked Brisket, and Fajita, all with egg and cheese.  They make all of their spices and rubs in-house, and the taste is amazing. They don’t skimp on the meat, and the house made salsa is fantastic.

Taco Tour Pro Tip: Take your tacos to go! Get a designated taco driver, so you can keep your mind on what is important…the tacos. Make sure you have enough room to spread out on the middle console and enjoy. The Chevy Traverse is perfect for this, there is a lot of room, cup holders for either tacos or drinks and plenty of space for the extras like salsa and napkins.

Lunch – Tacos Del Julio

I had heard about Tacos Del Julio but had never been myself, and I am so glad I did. These might be the best tacos I have had on this side of the border. The only thing that was missing was the open air trompo, but other than that, they were completely authentic.

We asked our waitress for the most popular menu items, and she recommended the Tacos de Trompo Especiales and the Tacos de Bistec Especiales.  Each order came with 5 street sized tacos; onions, cilantro, and lime were on the side. The Tacos de Trompo were seasoned with the traditional red seasonings, and the Tacos de Bistec were seasoned only with salt. Both were delicious, juicy, and tender, and you can’t go wrong with either one. That being said, my favorite were the Tacos de Trompo – they were fantastic.

Taco Tour Pro Tip: When you find tacos that are this good, you might want to take them home with you. Not a problem in the Chevy Traverse where there is plenty of storage for everything you might need. The middle console opens up for deep storage and the third row of seats folds down completely flat to fit those party trays.

Dinner – Tostada Regia

After a quick nap it is time to tackle the final meal of the day at Tostada Regia. There are several locations throughout Houston, so finding one near you should be relatively easy. Tostada Regia is known for their robust menu and especially their tostadas, but their tacos should never be missed.

I have to admit I’d never eaten a pirata until I visited Regia Tostada. A pirata taco is a four-tortilla filled with meat and cheese, brushed with butter or oil, and then put on the grill until it is golden brown or crispy. It is a regional specialty from Monterrey, Mexico, and cheese lovers will enjoy that it is cheesier than your typical taco. At Regia Tostada they have a Pirata Gigante or giant pirate, and that is what I feasted on during my visit.

Taco Tour Pro Tip: As you near the end of the taco tour, you might find yourself waning a bit. Not to worry, just open up the double sun roofs, recline the seats and adjust the temperature to as cold or warm as you want it. Remember, you might still have a taco hiding in storage that will perk you right up.  

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