Ten Signs You’re a Chingona with Kim Guerra of Brown Badass Bonita

Kim Guerra is a force to be reckoned with; written word (she has two books out), spoken word (check out her IGTV), and a passionate advocate of women and culture. A scroll through her Instagram feed will have you thinking about things differently and hopefully stepping into your own badassery. Kim champions healing through art which is evident in how she expresses herself through poetry and images.

Empowering women and pride in her culture are at the forefront of everything Kim does, and I was lucky enough to get to talk with her about how Brown Badass Bonita started and what the word Chingona means to her.

Why did you start Brown Badass Bonita?

Brown Badass Bonita started because I needed it. I was longing for something or someone to celebrate and embrace me for being a Brown, Badass, Bonita. I decided to be that someone. It started when I was taking a bath at 4 a.m. in Seattle, and I was feeling anxious, lonely – like I was losing myself. I desperately needed mi cultura, and I desperately needed to love myself. Brown Badass Bonita was a small design and tee I made for myself that I wore like an armor and declaration. It became a movement, family, and a revolution.

What does the word Chingona mean to you?

Chingona means a queen who knows she’s a queen and isn’t afraid to shine. Una mujer que no se deja y utiliza su poder. 

Need more proof of what a bombass goddess Kim is? Check out her list of 10 Signs You’re a Chingona.

Photo Credit: Kim Guerra @brownbadassbonita

10 Signs You’re a Chingona Graphic Credit: Gabi De la Rosa @texaschingona

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