3 Beauty Tips for Latina Skin from Estela Cockrell of Switch2Pure

When it comes to skincare, Latinas and women of color have some issues that just aren’t found in other skin tones. Darker skin tones are more resistant to sun damage and premature aging – yay! However, we are more prone to pigmentation issues (dark spots) and oiliness than other skin types, which means Latina skincare routines need to be on point. Who better to learn from than the Texas native and Latina maven of clean beauty – Estela Cockrell.

Estela founded Switch2Pure in 2018 because she wanted a one-stop-shop for clean beauty. She was always on the hunt for products that were chemical-free and effective, but couldn’t find them, so she decided to not only open Switch2Pure but also create a skincare line focused on all-natural active ingredients.

What started out as an online-only store, turned into a pop-up that outlasted its space and is now it’s own brick and mortar store and spa in Houston’s swanky River Oaks area. I sat down with Estela to find out about 3 Beauty Tips for Latina Skin.

Beauty Tip for Latina Skin: 1

Whether you have Latina skin that is on the lighter side or, the darker side, we can easily pigment. Any little breakout or acne can leave marks, and we are really prone to hyperpigmentation, whether it is heat or hormone-related. A cleanser with CBD like, Bright & Shine is works really nicely for those dark spots. CBD is an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant, so it will really help to calm down those inflammatory responses.

Beauty Tip for Latina Skin: 2

Protect your skin with sunblock! Doubling down on SPF is vast just because, again, we are prone to those dark spots, and over time repeated sun exposure can really cause damage to our skin.

Beauty Tip for Latina Skin: 3

Consistency is key! Don’t buy into marketing jargon. So many people buy from the luxury discount store or Walgreens and end up grabbing all these things because they are packaged well. Good packaging and marketing means nothing. You really want quality skincare.

Just think about it – if you eat burgers every day, your skin and your entire body won’t be doing well. You want to nourish your skin and body with the most quality products you can. Think of your skin as a plant – you want to hydrate it, give it vitamins, and expose it to a little sun. The same thing goes for us; we want to nourish, hydrate, and moisturize the skin, especially for skin that is a little darker like ours.

Switch2Pure, 3601 W. Alabama, Suite 105, Houston, TX 77027

Photo Credit: @switch2pure Instagram & Estela Cockrell

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