Five Drool Worthy Instagram Feeds You Need to Follow Now

In preparation for Cinco de Mayo I am writing a series of five blogs posts with recommendations, tips and brands to follow from other amigos in our community. I hope you will give them all some love and send us some of your own favorites!

Between the tacos, the tajin salted rims, and the conchas, narrowing down the list can be hard, but here are some that can’t be missed!

If you are on Instagram often (and who isn’t during quarantine?) then you know the importance of having a great feed. Whether you are following fashion influencers, travel feeds or foodies it is important that your feed keeps you happy and, in this case, hungry.

We have curated a list of accounts to follow that take great photos, have great recipes or are in someway aspirational. In no particular order, here are 5 Instagram accounts you should follow right now.

Trendi Eats

Curated by self-proclaimed “foodie babe” Raquel Bianca, this feed is full of delicious cheese pulls, out of control tacos and everything in between. Raquel makes biting into a messy torta look easy. Her photos and videos are also drool worthy.

Carrusel Bakery

Not just conchas, (but their conchas are look divine!) this bakery is famous for their pan dulce, pupusas and tres leches. Their feed is diverse, yummy, and perfect for scrolling.

El Pepino Loco

Everything and we mean everything is covered with tajin and chamoy – their name is very fitting, becuase some of it is crazy! Fruit, candy, Doritos and elotes – this food truck has it all. Their feed a full of all their tangy concoctions – it will definitely give you an idea or two of new things to try.

Pablitos Tacos

Voted top 10 tacos in Los Angeles and it is easy to see why. Pablitos Tacos has a food truck and a brick and mortar restaurant in the LA area – their feed is a cheese pull and saucy mix of goodness. Their feed will make every virtual #tacotuesday delicious!

Chocolatier Andrea

Master chocolatier Andrea Pedraza combines European techniques with the flavors of Mexico. Her feed is beautifully crafted with treats and eats – there is everything from Selena creations, to chocolate gift baskets.

Cover photo: @carruselbakery Instagram

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