Five Things to Know This Week!

Happy Birthday Frida Kahlo!

Happy 113th birthday to Frida Kahlo! She died shortly after her 47th birthday in Mexico City and I often wonder if she knew what an icon she would become. How are you going to celebrate the famous Latina icon? Festive drinks or a special meal? Maybe some reflection on what she has meant to the Latina community. S

You can also take a virtual tour of her home and art studio, La Casa Azul. If you haven’t been in person – this is the perfect opportunity to experience how she lived and worked. Check out the virtual tour here.

#Blackout Day 2020

What is #BlackoutDay2020? July, 7th 2020, everyone is encouraged to make purchases exclusively from Black-owned businesses. #BlackOutDay2020 aimes to unite people through economic solidarity and support of Black-owned businesses.

For more information visit BlackOutDay and for ideas about Black-owned businesses to support read this article by Janice Gassam or check out local Black leaders in your community.

Rest in Power: Vanessa Guillen

Murals of the murdered Fort Hood soldier are popping up all over the country. After peaceful protests and rallies took place over the past couple of weeks – people from all over the country are demanding justice.

In Killeen (where Fort Hood is located), artist Cherine Mendoza painted a mural outside a tattoo parlor. In her Southeast Houston neighborhood, artist Fernando Aragon painted a mural depicting her Mexican heritage and in Fort Worth, artist Juan Velazquez painted a mural as a way of helping through this hard time.

Latina Podcast to Follow

Host Alicia Mendez, anchor on MSNBC, talks to Latinas each week on her podcast, Latina to Latina. She talks about their stories and how they are changing the landscapes of the businesses they are in.

Her interviews are insightful, funny and informative. Definitely add this one to your play list!

Texas Chingona Printing Time

A HUGE thank you to everyone for your patience with t-shirt orders. You may have noticed that I have put a pause on “advertising” my shirts on Instagram. During the peak of the COVID-19 slowdown, some orders were taking more than 6 weeks to print. Thankfully, though the printing warehouse has caught up and printing is going ore quickly. Printing is still taking longer than normal, but we are getting there! Stickers and Fridita pots are typically mailed the same day, so order away!

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